Board of Management

Name Post Expertise Total Years of Experience in Related Field
Pradeep Kumar President Educationist, Socail Activist and Taking lead in social initiatives in the rural areas -----  optimistic 17 years
Govind singh- Secretary A young development professional with a dream to help people get a greater control on their futures. 17 years
Kusum Lata Chauhan Treasurer Working as an advocate- with an urge to be helpful to anyone seeking help. 14 years
Ramkaran Gurjar- Vice President A social activist who realized the meaning of being unemployed straddled the farm and nonfarm sector to make ends meet. 14 years
Ramesh Meena Co- Secretary Calculative yet sincere, with a dream to give rural children the best education on offer. 15 years
Kamlesh Khatri Member A rare talent; teacher but also social activist. 14 Years
Rajkumar Member MSW graduates who worked in this area for rural people 13 years