Agriculture & Dairy Development 
Empowering Women Self Help Groups and Enhancing Livelihoodis aflagship program of SPECTRA supported by Letz Dream Foundation that works for poverty reduction, women’s empowerment and rural development in Kishangarh Bas, Alwar.
Agriculture Promotion
Training on Crop Management and SRI Technique:
SPECTRA`s approach is to carry out crop productivity enhancement by means of helping the farmers to identify and analyse their crop production problems, and become aware about the opportunities for improving. The main focus under this intervention is on awareness generation and purposive transfer of skills.
The SRI programme started in Kishangarh Bass block of Alwar district. Till now we have reached over 1000 farmers across 30 villages.
Ajola Establishment: For fodder development, Ajola Bed is introduced in the field for cattle-feed. Ajola is green cattle-feed for the increscent of milk production in animal.  
Vermi Compost establishment:  Warmicompost bed is established in the field for the promotion of organic farming. Warmi bed had 3 fit width and 10 fit height. In 25-30 days 1 tan. 40 Vermicompost bed are established in the project area. 

Dairy Development:  SPECTRA works with rural families in the promotion of dairy and animal rearing activities in the project areas of Kishangarh-Bas of Alwar district. In the projected area, rearing practices remain poor, veterinary services are non-existent, and market linkage is absent.
Thus SPECTRA seeks to help bring in better-quality breeds, veterinary care, good rearing practices and marketing system. SPECTRA is expanding its outreach programmes with the linkage of poor women with dairy. SPECTRA started the process of collaboration with Saras, Lotus and Mother Dairy for opening the collection centres. 3 milk collection centre are opened till to date.   

Animal Husbandry:
Existing rearing pattern and traditional methods are examined in the projected area and provided training of women in feeding and husbandry practices, veterinary care, and the creation of systems for effective marketing. SPECTRA  provides assistance for the induction of new animals, while giving attention as well to better housing and veterinary care, especially the provision of immunization against diseases.

Animal Treatment Camp:  Animal Treatment Camps were organized in the projected area of Kishangarh bass. Veterinary doctor and compounder checked the animal and prescribed the medicine to them. Before one day SPECTRA staffs contacted the women to get benefit from the camp.

Poultry Farming Programme:

SPECTRA has initiated poultry farming business through Farmer Producer Company with 2000 chicks in Kishangarh Bass block of Alwar district. SPECTAR has constructed a poultry shed in a cage system where chicks are reared according the age of chicks. The purpose behind the establishment of poultry farming unit and start-up the business is to provide better prices of their livestock and produces without any involvement of middle men. Our company promotes quality goat through value chain market analysis, promotion of solar product, spice product(Chilli& Coriander), sanitary napkins and recentlyextended its business in poultry farming activities.

Our Poultry Location

Our poultry shed has the following advantages of a typical poultry site. It is situated near the urban area giving easy access to chicks, feed, medicine, vaccine and market. The site is well connected with motor able road even during rainy season. The site possesses good water distribution arrangements. The proposed site is at an elevated place. The site is safely away from other small farms ensuring tough access to infectious disease. The area does not have any probability for stagnant water.

Our Marketing Arrangements:

The per capita egg production is very low in our country; it is felt that the gap between the requirement and supply is to be a bridged in order to improve the health condition of the poor people of the country. Jaipur is the second in organized poultry farm in Rajasthan. Our products are marketed in Jaipur & Alwar city at a less cost than others in a short period;we also supply eggs to hotels, fast-food restaurant, private wholesalers & retailers. Care & Management: The management of our poultry farm is safe as it is at the hands of well experienced and highly knows ledged supervisors. The required veterinary care and guidance is available from Animal Husbandry Department, Veterinary Surgeons and Poultry expert. SPECTRA has contacted them for an initial discussion over the matter and the same has been assured by them.