SPECTRA is a pro fessionally managed committed org. active in community capacity building and issue based networking. The primary focus of SPECTRA is on the problems of the poor in their struggle to obtain a life of justice and dignity. Child Rights, women development and awareness generation, Environment stabilization, food
security, sanitation, education, rural industries for income generation, and empowerment of the community for self-governance are the most important components of its mission. Child and women Rights, Gender justice, natural resource management, and livelihood security are our primary areas of concern.
Spectra is a voluntary development organization involved in rural and development work in Alwar district, Rajasthan, India, since 1996-97. The area covered by the project has a predominately Mev population, with an agriculture-based economy. However, almost two thirds of the populations are land less laborers. Only 40% of males and 20% of females are literate, Programme undertaken by SPECTRA include: Installation of hand pumps for drinking water, sanitation, agricultural improvement, wastelands development, education, rural industries for income generation, development of alternative energy sources, and women development and awareness generation. There was a lot of more dialogue and discussion with the village people, and formation of village level groups to help plan and implement development programmes.
The ultimate goal of Spectra is to effect an improvement in the health of disadvantaged women in rural areas by providing gender sensitive management training to health coordinators while emphasizing self help and promoting local health tradition to empow er women, SPECTRA recognize that women have been making a valuable contribution to health care, both at the household and community level. 
Here, we focus on programmes and activities related to women. During the first decade, due the several reasons more emphasis was placed on mother and children. The main objective was to reduce the burden of morbidity and mortality among them. Gradually, other aspects of women’s health ware taken up-such as reduction of the burden of unwanted childbirth, generation about reproductive health among youngsters, treatment of Reproductive Infections and childless couples etc. 
Spectra has been organizing poor, self employed women for full employment and reliance since 1996-97 though our focus is on helping women achieve self reliance, during the course of our work we observed several problems concerning poor women's health that were impeding this objective.
Women often say: -“ our health is our only wealth” or As long as we are healthily, we can work.
The basis approach of the organization is providing an integrated package of health service to meet the multiple and varied needs of the people at their doorsteps.
We have tried to make the services convergent at the user as well as at the same time, cost –effective, and affordable. We have also tried to encourage the participation of people , the programme, keeping in mind their social, cultural and economic perspectives.